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How it works (many streams of revenue):

  1. The Nanny Connection will host a 4-1/2 hour event at your elementary school for your Family's school age children (5-12).  Traditionally this will be a Friday night (5:00- 9:30) or Saturday afternoon (1:00 - 5:30) to allow parents to get a peaceful dinner or do some holiday shopping.  Families pay a flat $25 per child for this service (half the price of a normal babysitter for same time).  The Nanny Connection will supply the sitters depending on the number of sign-ups and will not make a penny.  After paying the sitters and some healthy snacks, the school keeps all the profits! 
  2. The Nanny Connection will help sell advertising for give-aways in a bag that the children can take home.  For example, if we can find 10 community partners to each pay $ for the privilege of providing give-away items or toys, this is additional money for your school.
  3. For a special two week period, The Nanny Connection will offer discounted memberships to your school's families, where 1/2 of the first year membership fee will be donated to your school.

In short, this is not a money making event for The Nanny Connection.  We want to provide families with safe and reliable child care, and help our partner schools make money a fun way.  If we spread the word to your community families about the benefits of our services, that is a great bi-product of this fun event.  

For more information and/or to see a cost/benefit proposal, please submit some information below:

Unique Elementary School Fundraising

We have not met an elementary school yet that does not ask their families to engage in a lot of fundraising for their school.  

However, many of these events are ineffective and ask the children, and their families to sell magazines they don't need, or unhealthy food that will sit in the freezer for a year.

Our ideal school partners are in grades K-5.  We will work with your school administrators or PTO groups to help make a safe and fun fundraiser for all!