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2018 Year End Message

by Melissa Ridler

To our families, friends, team and partners, we want to wish you a very happy start to 2019. We want to thank everyone for a fantastic 2018 and share our optimism of what is ahead. Now that the holidays are over, let's reflect for a moment of some of the amazing happenings from the past year:

Spreading the Word- After record growth in 2017, we continued this in 2018, helping 24% more families find safe and quality childcare. Thank you for spreading the word, as almost every family, and many of our best nannies come to us by your word of mouth!

Strengthening our Team- For us to manage your expectations, we made some critical additions to our team to serve you better. This past year, Becky joined us as our On Call and Back-Up Care Coordinator. Susan joined us as Placement Coordinator to manage customer relationships for long term and ongoing families. Sherri is our newest addition focused on recruiting the best talent! Thank you to all our current and past team members for your support.

Customer Satisfaction- We are extremely proud of the professional roster of sitters, and the feedback we received from our families via surveys after their first sit with a family. Your feedback is critical to us in helping improve your service, so we would love to see the response rate increase! Our results from the last three years speak for themselves:

Our survey response rate for families is 28% (We would love to get that much higher!)
Positive Feedback responses averaged 98.3% in 2018, and 99.2% over the 3 years since we implemented this survey.

No one is perfect. We've all made mistakes. But each situation that did not go well was an important learning opportunity for our team, and extra incentive to keep improving. We take your comments and feedback seriously and want to make changes that improve your experience.
Back-Up Care- In September 2018, we officially launched our formal Corporate Back-Up Care program. We have doing this for years with many of our private families, but now have an opportunity to help many more families. Corporate back-up care is an employee benefit, sponsored by employers, to keep you at work while your children need care. This is common for sick days, snow days or planned school days off during the week.  

In the few months since we launched, we've employed 11 sitters on our payroll, providing them an opportunity to pick up additional work with 10 local companies offering this perk. We are also proud that our back-up care sitters have 100% customer satisfaction rating in this short time.
If your company offers this tremendous benefit, please ask for The Nanny Connection on your work reservation. If you want this benefit, but your employer does not offer it, let us know who we can speak with at your company to get it!  Local companies that offer this perk are typically hospitals, universities, banks, legal offices and accounting firms. However, any company worried about productivity can offer this, even Starbucks announced they will be offering to employees in 2019!

The Nanny Connection is currently recruiting for Back-Up Care sitters in Toledo, Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati, as there are unmet needs of companies in those cities we are trying to serve.

Lookout- In the coming month, we will be updating our website, which will include some enrichment on our part time services and pricing clarity for care at events, hotels, and holidays. We also plan to make some changes in 2019 to improve your user experience with our systems.
In closing, thanks to everyone for a fun ride in 2018. We are excited about the team we have in place to serve our families, and the opportunities we have in 2019 to keep improving for all of you.

We truly want to be the preferred childcare agency that both our families and caregivers call FIRST!
Thank you again and Happy New Year!

We wish you and your families the safest and best start to a terrific 2019!
Melissa, Bill, Susan, Becky, Sherri & our entire Nanny Connection Team

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