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Quick Summary

Employment Base
Pay per hour

$16/hr 1 or 2 kids.

$17-3 kids,

$18-4 kids,

$19+ for 5 or events

Flat $16-$18 Depending on experience, position and client.

Actual rate provided by TNC

Who pays you?
Family Directly
TNC - The Nanny Connection
When do you get paid?
Daily or weekly depending on position
twice per month. pay periods end on 15th and last day of month (pay deposited no later than the 7th and 22nd)
Direct Deposit
TaxesNot TaxedTaxed
Workers comp
Not AvailableCovered
Not AvailableAfter 60 days, and for employees working at least 32 hrs/wk, Benefit options may include Paid time off (PTO), 401K, life insurance, vision and dental
I9 required
W4 required
NoYes, when registering with our HR/Payroll partner
Employment ManualNoYes
Performance Evaluations
Drive with kids
Ok on your insurance, or on family's policy if using their vehicle
Not covered under our insurance at this time
Job Priority
Location, availability
Employed caregivers will get first priority of both referral jobs, and employed jobs. Expect to work a combination of both.
Not provided
Training resources will be provided
Call Family before visit
YES, an introductory call needs to be made prior to going to an assignmentYES, an introductory call needs to be made prior to going to an assignment
Social Media Policy
Guidelines only
All Social media MUST be set to private
Safety Protocol
Common Sense base on Experience
Safety Procedures will be laid out in training and in employee manual
Can I work with that family outside of this arraingement
No, All care for the families that you have interviewed with or worked for through The Nanny Connection must come back through TNC
No, also, but as an employee you will have a Do not compete clause where you cannot work directly for that family unless contracted through The Nanny Connection
How Back-up Care works:
The Nanny Connection would contract direct with a family, but the family only pays the agency booking fees, then pays the sitter directly
Corporations contract with National companies to schedule and pay for childcare days as an employee benefit. These national back-up care companies then use The Nanny Connection's caregivers to actually provide the care for the families. TNC and our caregivers are bound to the requirements of these national back-up care companies

Be an Employed Sitter by The Nanny Connection (Note all Corporate Back-Up care sitters are employed sitters)

The Nanny Connection is hiring sitters for weekday, daytime hours.  There is little difference in the care you provide, but there is a difference in how you are trained, paid and interact with the Families.  A Quick Summary is below.