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January 2020 Message

Wow!  What a ride this past year!  A broad message this year would not serve anyone properly.  We need to send a personal message to each of you:

First, our caregivers.  We absolutely could not do this without you.  You’ve woke up extra early, stayed very late, worked overnight or overtime.  You worked on holidays and weekends.  You’ve given your heart and soul to care for children to the best of your ability.  You’ve put your best foot forward to our valued families.  Collectively you’ve helped us score a 98.96% customer satisfaction score with our families!  You’ve told your friends about us, increasing our pool of caregivers 200% over the past year! Calling that Amazing work does not do justice!

To our families and companies:  You invited us into your home to care for the most important people in your life.  You trusted us to find the best available care, or to simply run background checks on those caregivers you found on your own.  You’ve helped provide dream careers to childcare professionals, as well as extra money for college sitters.  You told your friends.  You shared great stories on your social media.   You’ve helped us reach 50 new back-up care companies this past year, as well as reaching %115 more private families over this past year vs 2018.  Amazing work, Indeed!

Our team:   Thank you for your hard work and dedication to our mission and vision.  You’ve lived our core values to make everything happen for both our caregivers and our nannies.   You’ve sacrificed evenings with your own families to help bring new families, nannies and friends to our shared community of families!  With your help, we’ve cared for families in all major Ohio cities and surrounding areas.  We are so grateful for your continued support.  You are Unbelievable!

Coming 2020:  We have pulled the trigger on a new software platform for scheduling on-call babysitting.  It is mobile-friendly and a significant upgrade over the software we’ve used the past 12 years.  Look for a transition announcement coming in the next few weeks.  Our corporate back-up care program continues to expand and we expect to more than double our reach of companies and private families this coming year as well.  If you have other improvement ideas, please share them with us!

 Thank you all again for your continued support and we expect to exceed your expectations again this year!

Bill & Melissa Ridler