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Why do Nannies and Sitters choose to work with The Nanny Connection?.

Let's ask them first

"Thank you so much for all your help! I know I wouldn't have gotten this job without the help of you guys and it means everything to me to have a resource at my disposal to use! After I found out I was losing my job, I thought I was going to have to start over fresh and get another crappy job and be off for a while but thanks to you guys, I was only off one week and then I'm right back at it again! There are no words to describe how thankful I am, from the bottom of my heart." Suzy

"Working through The Nanny Connection is a safer feeling than not working through an agency. We know whom the families are and I know it's safe to go there. It's easier to know what we are doing at the job and what to expect before just walking into a house not knowing what's going on before hand."  Amber

"The Nanny Connection finds the families. We know pay ahead of time. Expectations are great for both sides."  Sharon

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  • ​​In our 12/2016 survey of available nanny jobs in NEO (within 25 miles of Independence, OH) the average salary for a full time nanny was only $11.58/hr
  • Many families post positions on the popular websites don't even pay minimum wage...
  • And NEO is 18% lower than the national average for nanny salaries!
  • The average salary for a nanny placed through The Nanny Connection is over $15/hr
  • ​Most nannies join our agency after being treated very poorly by families that they found on their own!
  • Our agency meets with our families and they also sign an agreement for how to treat our nannies, from mileage reimbursement to paying legally, and creating a work agreement, we have a higher standard of professionalism that our nannies appreciate!

Never work with an agency before?  

Read more about the benefits here, from a 2018 survey taken by GTM Payroll Services for nannies nationwide getting paid through their payroll service:

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Akron 330-650-0221

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Benefits of working through The Nanny Connection:

  • ​​Nannies/Sitters pay no fee to the Agency, ever!
  • We connect you with professional families and advocate on your behalf for fair pay, hours and working conditions.
  • Childcare is a "Word of Mouth" business, so we pay you when you recruit other nannies who become active in our network.
  • ​The Nanny Connection knows the value that you provide, so will work with you for training and support
  • On-Call Babysitters: You indicate your availability on-line and we match you with families to meet your schedule.
  • We provide guidance and support to nannies and families for the best match possible.
    As an active nanny/sitter, you will have exclusive access to our online network for nanny discussions and playgroupsThe Nanny Connection has been growing and expanding for over 13 years!
  • We offer the largest network of families in Northeast Ohio to work with in numerous counties