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The Nanny Connection Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between a

Nanny and a Sitter?

Regardless of the name given, all caregivers have the responsibility to provide safe, healthy and reliable child care.  

Generally, babysitters care for children of any age who are in need of supervision for a short time frames. They may work either by specific occasion or on a regular schedule, such as after-school care or date nights.  Their main tasks are making sure that the children are safe, fed, clothed, and maybe even put to bed. 

In addition to the above basic responsibilities, a Nanny is invested in a child's development and engagement as a parent would be, and generally comes with more in home and/or long term child care experience.  They will create daily schedules and activities to help nurture the child(ren)'s development.  Typical responsibilities start at planning and carrying out a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, meal preparation, light housekeeping, laundry, homework and driving to community activities. 

Nannies may have their own place of residence (live-out nannies), but when they reside with the family, they are referred to as live-in nannies.

How long does

the process take

to place a

part or full time nanny?

Each situation is unique, we cannot guarantee an exact time frame.   Our average time frame can last 3-6 weeks after finalizing your search parameters.

Some factors that influence the time to place a nanny are:  Location, number of available candidates, and the response time from a family after presenting candidates.

How do you recruit your nannies?

The Nanny Connection has been serving Northeast Ohio since 2004 and has developed a large pool of nannies in our network.  We have a very strong internal referral network that we use to find our nannies, in addition to posting our open positions on our website, social media, and other online outlets to find the best quality nannies available.  All job postings keep the family's information confidential outside of the children's ages and specific needs/responsibilities of the position.

Do you perform background checks?

We do not sacrifice quality or integrity in vetting the nannies that work with us and our families.  In addition to an extensive formal application and face-to-face interview, each candidate must be over 18, able to legally work in the US, and have a valid driver's license.  The Nanny Connection will obtain feedback from at least 3 past childcare references, check motor vehicle history, and perform a detailed criminal background check (national/state/county criminal search, alias name search, address history, social security verification, and sex-offender database).

How much do we pay a nanny?

Please consult with our placement coordinator for specifics depending on your requirements.  Most nanny positions start between $23-$30/hr.  If the nanny/sitter is asked to transport your children or run errands with their vehicle, they should be reimbursed for vehicle mileage and/or parking.  You also may want to consider other benefits to help attract and retain the best quality individuals for your position.  Such benefits could include perks like paid vacation, paid sick and vacation days, health benefits or health stipend, and annual performance and salary reviews.   Tax withholding could add an additional expense see our Tax FAQ page for more details.

Our occasional/ on call babysitter rate is minimum $18/hr, but may vary based on the number of children or other factors.

Will our nanny perform other

tasks like housecleaning

and tutoring?

Your budget and special requirements will dictate the tasks for your long-term nanny.  It is common for long nannies to help with daily maintenance, housekeeping, homework, and light meal preparation.  You may have other requirements such as more detailed cleaning, children's laundry, or special needs, and we can help find the right fit for you. (contact for more info on additional responsibility options.)

Our occasional babysitters are not expected to perform such duties.  Please consult our placement coordinator for additional details.

What fees do we pay to

your agency?

You will find our fees are reasonable and competitive to secure safe and reliable childcare for you.  

You can find our complete listing of fees HERE.

What About Health Insurance?Some families find that offering health insurance stipend or reimbursement can be a great incentive to attract and retain a great candidate.  Learn more about this optionHERE.
Am I required to pay my nanny for vacations and holidays?

Perks like paid vacations, holidays, and sick days are commonly offered to long-term nannies caring for your children (often after an initial probationary period).  Your budget and special requirements of your family may want to offer additional perks to help attract and retain the very best for your family.  

What does it take to be a nanny or sitter with your agency?

First you have to love children and have at least 3 (non-family) childcare references to offer.  You must be over 18 with a valid driver's license, insurance and reliable transportation.  You must be a US resident and/or able to work legally in the US.  If you meet the minimum qualifications, you will be expected to complete a formal employment application and meet live for a face-to-face interview with our agency. Candidates who make it past this stage will need to obtain their infant/child First Aid/CPR certification (on their own, agency discount available).  You will also be required to sign our standard terms and conditions and an authorization that allows our agency to run a thorough criminal background check. Once you pass these requirements, you are eligible to work with families in our network!

How much will I get paid to be a nanny or sitter with your agency?

Occasional babysitting rates start at minimum $18/hr with a higher rate for additional children, as well as holidays, corporate events, hotel care, etc.

Long term Nanny rates are determined by the families, with our recommendations, depending on their budget and special circumstances. Ranges for most nanny jobs are posted prior to your applying for a particular job and you may have the ability to negotiate pay and/or any additional benefits that the family is offering.

How much will I make after Taxes?For any caregiver that makes over $2,600 (2023) in a calendar year with one family, the nanny is responsible for paying taxes on this income.  We refer to the tax experts to learn more about this process and see our Tax Calculator HERE
What areas do you serve?The Nanny Connection has helped thousands of families find quality childcare since 2004 throughout all major cities in Ohio, and parts of Indiana and Kentucky.  Currently we are accepting family inquiries for full-time nanny placements in Columbus and Cincinnati areas as well.  However, please note:  We do not have active babysitters currently outside of Northeast Ohio, so we cannot extend baby sitting coverage outside of Northeast Ohio at this time.

What are my

next steps?

If you are ready to sign up for our Nanny or baby sitting service, please start an applicationHERE.

If you would like to become a Nanny or sitter, please click HERE.

For more information on other services, please follow these links:  Background checks only or, Event services