The Most Common Reasons For Allowing A Nanny To Bring Their Own Child(ren)

  • Cost Savings.  Families may find highly experienced candidates and pay less per hour than a "typical" nanny without children
  • Your children may have a playmate.  You are helping to encourage additional social interaction because your nanny's child could be a natural playmate.

*Our agency may ask your preference, but we will always respect your wishes on allowing a caregiver to bring her children. 

Our standard is "No," unless you ask for this option as a family.

    If interested, please follow our process and fees for hiring a nanny  

  1. The agency will not sacrifice quality or integrity in any search for childcare
  2. Policies and Fees to the agency remain unchanged

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There may be circumstances where families allow their nanny to bring their own child(ren) to work at your house.  This decision is entirely up to the family hiring the nanny.

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