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Background Screening

Find a potential childcare provider on your own but don't have the time to conduct a thorough background screening?

Or perhaps you have narrowed down your top two candidates and would like to have their references checked?

You can take advantage of the same screening service The Nanny Connection provides to all our families to conduct the background, reference and other essential checks for you.

​Let The Nanny Connection help you be sure of your decision.  Our A La Carte background screening service helps give you peace of mind!   You don't have

to live in Northeast Ohio to take advantage of this incredible service!

We have two great packages to help you:

  • Standard Background Check ($75)
    • ​SSN & Address verification
    • National Criminal Database search
    • Sex-Offender checklist
    • Terrorist watch list (OFAC)
    • National Security check
    • County (or state) criminal record check up to 3 counties
    • NOTE:  Additional costs may apply if the candidate has lived in outside of  Ohio in the past 7 years.   Some states and/or counties charge way more than the standard (California, New York, Arizona, New Jersey, for example),  See T&C.

  • Premium Background check and reference check service ($275)
    • All Standard checks above, plus:
      • Driving record check verification
      • Comments from previous childcare references (if applicable)
      • ​Clarify additional requirements, such as FA/CPR certifications
      • Provide contract template for Nanny/Family agreement
      • Provide copy of Family/Nanny Handbook
      • Help in contract negotiations and referrals for tax consultations for Home Employment tax laws
      • Unlimited county reviews (includes all counties lived in past 7 years)
      • ​​Social Media Check/Review
      • Provide 3 months of ongoing training/support/consultation
      • ​NOTE:  Additional costs may apply if the candidate has lived in outside of  Ohio in the past 7 years.   Some states and/or counties charge more than the standard (California, New York, Arizona, New Jersey, for example).  See T&C

Drug Screening

Drug screening is NOT part of our standard check, but with your request, we can add this service for an additional Charge.

​This would be an in-person lab test where the candidate would have to go and be verified by an MRO (medical review officer).  

Option#1 $70:
5 panel lab based drug screen (Most common).  Typical results are provided within 24-48 hours of the test.  
This would test for:
- Amphetamines,  Cocaine,  Opiates,  PCP,  

Phencyclidine,  THC - Marijuana
Option #2 $85
10-panel lab based drug screen.  Typical results are provided within 3-4 days of the test. 
Test includes 5 panels above and additional:
- Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Methadone, 

Methamphetamines, Propoxyphene

How it works:

  • You: 
    • Provide name/ phone number of your candidate(s) below
    • Let your candidates know that they will be contacted by The Nanny Connection for background screening

  • The Nanny Connection will:
    • Contact you to confirm screening requirements and credit card payment within 6-12 hours
    • Then contact your candidate(s) within 12 hours to begin vetting process
    • We will obtain signed authorization from your candidates to conduct background screening
    • ​Present results back to you typically within 2-5 days


  • Standard- $75 for each candidate 
  • Premium -$275 for each candidate 
  • ​(Drug Screens are an additional cost $70/$85 if you choose, see box on right)
  • ​See note above about potential additional charges if candidate has lived outside Ohio (See T&C)

Additional Benefit:

Families in Northeast Ohio who secure our Premium Service screening can enjoy 3 months free in our On-Call Babysitting service.  Learn more about this programHERE!

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