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Background Check T&C, Disclosures and limitations.  Please read in full


Your payment to schedule the Nanny Connection for is non-refundable and signifies your agreement to these terms and conditions.  This includes the Standard Background check and Premium Background check and screening services.  

Information that is communicated as negative regarding a candidate is not ground for a refund.  If a candidate provides inaccurate information, that is not ground for a refund.

Background checks can be an important part of the hiring process and help reveal a person's criminal history. However, it's important to understand that background checks are not always accurate and may not reveal a person's complete criminal history.  In addition, there are factors other than a candidate's criminal background that should be carefully considered before hiring a caregiver for your loved ones.  These can be a valuable tool, but should not be the only tool necessary for clients' justification to hire.  Therefore, background checks should only be one part of your hiring process in addition to other steps you take. 


 Conducting a background check will require authorization directly by the person is is being requested for.  Parties are not allowed to authorize a background check for another person.  The Nanny Connection will obtain this information from the candidate with the client's paid request.

These searches will be conducted by a third party of our choosing.   ​The reports we provide from third party vendors will be addressed to our company, The Nanny Connection, and in return, shared with you, our client.

Your potential employee has the right, upon written request made within a reasonable time, to request whether a consumer report has been run about him/her, and disclosure of the nature and scope of any investigative consumer report and to request a copy of their report. Please be advised that the nature and scope of the most common form of investigative consumer report is an employment history or verification.

It's important to know that the criminal record information searched and reported for each type of check varies by state, and sometimes county, due to variations in state laws and state and county criminal record reporting systems. For example, many states are prohibit vendors from reporting records more than seven years old. In some states, such as California, Kentucky, New Mexico, and New York, only criminal convictions are typically reported, so our vendors are prohibited from reporting most arrest or other non-conviction information, regardless of its age.  In some states, such as Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New Jersey (and in certain counties in Illinois and Michigan), due to the structure of state and county criminal record reporting systems, our Criminal Background Check vendor does not search the records pertaining to every courthouse in a particular county. In states where all courthouses are not searched, typically only certain felonies (plus certain gross misdemeanors in the case of New Jersey), are revealed. Please note that this is an illustrative, non-comprehensive, list of certain state and county limitations of the background checks offered through The Nanny Connection; additional limitations may apply in certain jurisdictions, including on the federal level. For example, Federal law prohibits reporting non-conviction information that is more than seven years old.  

In addition to legal and reporting system limitations of background checks, each check is performed with the consent of the person being checked, using information he or she provides, such as home address, social security number, date of birth, and name.

If a candidate provides incorrect information, the check might be run with inaccurate identifying data, which can impact the validity of the criminal check. Finally, criminal records are not always reported accurately or promptly, and human and electronic error can result in inaccurate or incomplete reporting. Consequently, even the most comprehensive background check offered may not disclose the existence of all criminal records in all jurisdictions.

NOTE:  Additional costs may apply if the candidate has lived in outside of  Ohio in the past 7 years.   Some states and/or counties charge way more than the standard (California, New York, Arizona, New Jersey, for example), so approximately $100 for each out of state county will be added to this charge and the exact total will be communicated with the client.