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Nanny Share is when two families share one nanny, with children typically cared for at the same time.The nanny has two employers and enjoys higher pay than the typical full-time position, while each family saves significantly on child care expenses.  


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Nanny Share Arrangments

Before engaging in a Nanny Share Arrangement, we encourage you to read this article first to better understand a Nanny Share

In a typical Nanny Share Arrangement:

  • Families live in close proximity to each other
  • Families agree to where the care will take place, and agree on a typical schedule
  • Nannies typically have a work agreement or contract signed by all families involved
  • Children have a socialization benefit that they may not have with a single nanny per family
  • The Nanny will make more money than just having 1 family to care for
  • ​Families can have the personalized attention of a nanny at a fraction of the cost

*Nanny share families come to our agency having already discussed a nanny share arrangement with other families involved.* We can help you with the search for the nanny, but unfortunately do not have an updated list of

local families near you looking for a nanny share arrangement.  

    Nanny Share Fees

  1. Each family will pay a search fee (based on package selected) to start the search for a nanny
  2. There is ONE Placement fee to the agency will be split among all families
  3. ​The salary of the Nanny is shared among all families
  4. ​All other fees and process follow our hire a long term nanny process


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