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          Application Tips

How to apply to our postings and completing your profile- First Steps

As a job seeker, you are interested in positions that may be a good fit for you.   However, your response to job postings will form a first impression in the minds of your prospective employer-families.  What follows is a list of tips for creating a positive first impression by responding well to job postings. 

  • Be professional- Double check spelling and contact info for a polished application!
  • Thoroughly read and understand the position you are applying for.  Call or email us with questions prior to offering your interest to the family..
  • Stay organized, keep reference contact info concise, current and accurate.
  • Be honest and forthright.
  • If submitting a resume or additional references, be professional. For example, is your e-mail, resume, or application completed in a thorough and grammatically correct manner? Are you speaking using a well modulated tone and a professional vocabulary? Are your statements relevant, clear and concise? ​
  • Make sure the references you listed know that you've listed them as a contact. We've called many unsuspecting references who were surprised that they were listed.
  • You will need verifiable childcare references to seriously be considered for a position.  Character references, and those that can speak towards your interactions with children, can be helpful, but not your only references.

By following these tips, you will be well on your way to landing that position you are seeking!

Additionally, we live in a digital world where almost any employer will be researching you on social media prior to making you an offer.  

  • Please review the privacy settings on ALL sites you have accounts with and be sure that comments, photos, likes, etc. are appropriate for employer viewing. (Examples of those you may want to remove are: suggestive or revealing photos, alcohol, or smoking)

Your Nanny Connection Profile:

After your initial interview, You will be asked to create an online profile of your job history, references, background screening and profile summary. We send this format to all our families, which keeps the information consistent and concise for them.  You may be asked from our recruiting or placement coordinators (phone or in live interview) for more details to complete this step necessary to present you to families.