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FAQs about our TNC Army of Nannies
What will be my role and title?
As an "Army of Nannies" Enlistment Representative, You represent The Nanny Connection very positively to others in public and private.  The more you do this as you spread the word, the more money you can earn.
Can I work for TNC while employed at another job?
Absolutely.  We don't expect you to make any changes to your situation.  
Even if I work for another agency or another family?

Especially if you do!  You do not have have to be a current or active nanny with us to earn a referral bonus for spreading the word.

How much money can I realistically earn?
You can earn extra cash for both recruiting nannies/sitters, as well as bringing in new business.  For very minimal work, we think it is achievable to earn $100-$200 each month.  How many referrals you send is up to you, it may still be up to the family to pay, or up to the Nanny to pass our screening requirements or get hired,
Is this a Sales or a Recruiting position?
You can definitely earn money for the sales that you help to create, however, there are no cold calls or pushing the benefits of our services to families.  However, it is equally important to help recruit (enlist) good nannies/sitters to join our team.  Our business thrives on having a good balance of both families and caregivers.
Is this an MLM or Home-party type of position?
Absolutely Not!  We won't create raving fans by forcing friends and families to use our services.  We want people to know about our services, and the benefits we provide to families all over. 
Will I be limited to a specific area for commissions?
Not at all, any referrals or enlistments you generate within North East Ohio will be credited to you!
Is there a salary or medical benefits

There is no set salary, you earn depending on the work that you do.  There are no medical benefits associated with this position.

Want to get more details or sign up for FREE? 

Send an email to:  bill@yournannyconnection.com

 Benefits of joining TNC Army of Nannies

  • Receive referral fees for quality Nannies/Sitters that you recruit when they work through the agency.
  • Receive commission on the sales that come in from families that you refer our services to.
  • You will be a part of our private Facebook group, allowing for ongoing training/support of other nannies and candid discussions and events.
  • Know that you are making a difference to families in your communities

How Does it Work?

  • Now you can earn the same referral bonuses paid to our current nannies and sitters, WITHOUT actually working through our Agency.  We pay you just for spreading the word to great caregivers.
  • No regular hours, no job responsibilities, just keep doing what you are doing!
  • Share our name with your friends!  Pass out business cards to those who ask. 
  • Help us create and/or share content on social media.
  • Represent The Nanny Connection very positively to others in public and private.
  • The Nanny Connection specializes in finding professional nannies and on-call sitters.  Our ideal families are professionals who need help to find qualified, trusted childcare.  Most of our business comes from word of mouth recommendations.  Our best providers come to us by recommendations as well.
  • Get paid for any referrals that start working or families that pay (ask for more details).  Your friends must qualify and start working through the agency, see requirements to BE A NANNY.

TNC Army of Nannies

Get Paid for Referrals!

There are wonderful nannies everywhere!  We realize that nannies often know other nannies, and they may be looking for a great family to work with.

Childcare is a "Word of Mouth Business."  You have helped us grow the business over the last 14 years this way.  

If you find yourself in a position to refer a great nanny, sitter, or even a new family in our direction, we would like to pay you for sending them our way! 



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