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Life Happens!  Your employees' children will get sick or their regular childcare provider will cancel in the last minute.  Most day care centers will not accept children when they are sick. Maybe they have a snow day off, but not!

This leaves the employee either missing an important meeting or trying to work from home with sick children.  Either way, the productivity suffers for your business and this is very frustrating for your working parents if they have to take a day off or call around all morning for help!

By partnering with The Nanny Connection, you can provide emergency Back-up Childcare to support your business and bring peace of mind to your employee's families.  

We can tailor our program to meet the needs of your business, where you can chose to pay the full cost of the program, or subsidize this for your team. Please inquire below or call us for additional details on this outstanding work-family benefit!

​Do you run a day-care center?  Church Nursery?
Have an employee shortage or need a temporary employee?  
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Holding a conference, training, or any other event?  Considering having events or childcare related activities?   Contact us for your childcare needs! We provide services for any size group needing childcare, as well as providing babysitters for your hotel guests.

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Kind words from our families......

"Heather was FANTASTIC! My daughter had so much fun with her. Looks like they did a lot of fun activities together. Heather was punctual, conscientious, and respectful. I felt very comfortable having her care for my daughter today. Thank you so much for providing this service and connecting us with Heather. I am grateful to now have the peace of mind that I can contact you in the future for our back-up care needs.   Thank you!"  -Linda from Solon

Tyler was a fantastic sitter today; thanks so much for making this happen with such short notice. I look forward to continuing to work with you and The Nanny Connection.  Best, Natalie, South Euclid

"Thank you all for your help over the past month. A huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders now that we don’t have to contort ourselves to make sure sites are covered or shuffle our entire team around when there are staffing shortages. Additionally, my teachers have had nothing but positive things to say about the ladies who have filled in at their programs. I truly appreciate you getting us setup as well as your regular check-ins and looking forward to working with your team as we move forward."   -Jennifer,  Avon

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