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          Interview Tips

Tips for Your BIG Interview With our Agency and Potential Families

Congratulations, based on your awesome skills and experience, you have secured an interview.  

The following tips will help you assure that it is a successful one!

Interview with Agency

  • Keep your commitments. If your plans change and you cannot make it to the original interview, notify us immediately.
  • Be punctual.  If you are late to the interview, this speaks to your reliability going forward.
  • Leave your phone out of sight. If you are texting or checking your phone in the interview, this leaves an unfavorable impression.
  • Be professional:  Maintain eye contact, shake hands with interviewer when interview is complete.
  • Remember-you only have one chance to make a first impression!


  • Dress professionally.  Wear tops and blouses that are child appropriate, but avoid loungewear, sweatshirts, tank tops, etc
  • Cosmetics and accessories should be worn conservatively
  • Cover all visible tattoos and remove any facial piercings.
  • Turn off cell phone to limit distractions.
  • Wear a smile!


  • Above all, be professional! Use proper language and grammar. Avoid using slang.
  • Be confident, yet humble!  You got this!
  • Use common manners.
  • Listen thoughtfully without interrupting. 


  • Be positive in all aspects of your previous positions. If there were negatives, spin them positive in terms of what you are looking to find currently.
  • Highlight your strengths & related talents. 
  • Ask Questions!  What have the families' experience been with previous nannies or sitters?


  • Please discuss Money requirements with the agency first.  We will address this topic with families below!

Interview With the Family

In addition to the above elements, please consider these tips when you have an interview with your ideal family:

  • Address family by Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc. unless otherwise introduced.
  • Remember to say "please", "thank you", "sir", and "ma'am".
  • Smile easily and often, maintain eye contact.
  • If there are children present at your interview, feel free to speak and engage with them, but don't leave the interview area. Offer to play with them as soon as you are finished.  Put your best foot forward and make the connection with the child-that is the most important impression of the day!
  • Avoid saying "um", "uh," "well", "you know", "like", and any slang or derogatory words.
  • Think of the family's needs and emphasize your strengths that will fit those needs.
  • ​Speak professionally, kindly, clearly, and concisely. 
  • Be organized and well versed in the family members and job position (names, ages, hours, etc).
  • Focus on the family and asking specific questions to clarify their needs and expectations.
  • Money-avoid outright asking about wages and benefits until the family does and/or an offer is made, then confirm all aspects before signing your family agreement/contract.  If they bring up the topic, then be forthright about your expectations in relation to your experience, and if and how you are willing to work towards your rate goal if it is different than what is being offered.

Check the Families' References

  •  Just as you should provide your references to your prospective employer-family, your prospective employer-family should do the same for you. When interviewing for a position, you may ask your prospective employer-family for their references.
  • When you work for a family, you want to be safe and be employed in a job that is a good fit for you.  By engaging in a thorough interview and then checking the family's references, you will have done due diligence to ensure that this will be a good job for you. 

After the interview

  • *Best practice-Send a "thank-you" note to your interviewers within 24 hours following your interview
  • Provide any promised further documents, references, etc. within 24 hours.
  • Wait patiently, do not call the client directly if you feel it is taking longer than expected. The agency can mediate if you call us first.

By following these tips, you will create a positive first impression and be well on your way to landing the job you want!